4 Realities of 2021 for IT Data Centers

Lessons from 2020 Carry forward in the New Year

As 2021 begins, organizations are faced with a new set of data center challenges. 2020 changed many things about how people work and they way organizations create, serve, and process information. As we look forward to a return to normalcy, there are many things that will forever be changed.

The New Normal

  1. More than ever before, workers will be remote. Over time, some people will return to full time office work, others will not. For many, it will be a combination of time at the office and time working remotely. This will have huge implications for how IT services will be supplied to employees and customers.
  2. Business will be transacted online more than ever before. While the ability to serve customers quickly has always been critical, the sheer volume on online transaction growth will fuel new challenges.
  3. Data centers will become smaller, and more numerous as growing volumes of data will need to be processed at the point of creation. Equipment that was once graded on performance will now also be measured on density. IT organizations will need to evaluate how new technologies can enable them to do more with less.
  4. The need to perform real time analytics on rapidly growing datasets will accelerate. The next generation of leaders will come from those organizations best able to ingest, process, and draw actionable insights from massive volumes of data. Those that fail to adapt will be at a significant disadvantage.

Data Center Storage Solutions for Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond

The Pavilion HyperParallel Data Platform, with industry leading performance, density, scalability, and flexibility, solves all of these issues and more. 

As the only storage solution capable of delivering up to 120GB/s of throughput in a dense 4RU footprint, the Pavilion HyperParallel Data Platform enables organizations to ingest more data, faster, than ever before. This empowers them to perform analytics that were otherwise impossible, to gain insights from data and enjoy a competitive advantage.

Capable of over 20M IOPS, online transactions can be performed faster than ever before, meeting the performance needs of the online economy. Databases, analytics, AI/ML and other applications achieve performance that was considered impossible on legacy storage systems. 

Remote workers can do more with storage that can support more VDI desktops to a greater number of workstations, faster than ever before thanks to the ultra low latencies of as little as 25µs, measured at the host. This means more workers start faster, do more, and are not challenged by boot storms.

The unrivaled high performance of the Pavilion HyperParallel Data Platform means that it supports more virtual machines and more containers. Organizations are already finding that they can run twice as many VMs and containers based applications with their existing servers when using Pavilion. This significantly reduces the cost and complexity of the data center as they need fewer expensive switches, less cabling, fewer racks, and everything else associated with sprawl. Even more significant, they reduce the number of server core licenses they have to pay for, which can quickly generate an ROI beyond the cost of the array. 

Uniquely able to support block, file, and object workloads, all at high performance, the Pavilion HyperParallel Data Platform provides customers with unprecedented choice and control as it supports each workload with unlimited scalability, future proofing your data center for today and tomorrow, and beyond.