A Net Promoter Score of 94 = Very Satisfied Customers

When I dine out I use my smartphone to see a restaurant's recent health inspections and if other customers had a satisfactory experience.

It is the same with a company and its products, services, and support. You can check their Net Promoter Score (NPS) or Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score and see how it matters to other customers.

Scores typically range from -100 to +100. A score above zero is a good score, while anything above 50 is an excellent score.

A high net promoter score is hard to obtain, but with Pavilion’s customer-first approach and our periodic measurement of the customer relationship, Pavilion ensures that our customers are successful and fully realize the return on their investments. A customer survey from the first half of 2022 resulted in an NPS of 94 and a CSAT of 97. The average score for technology companies (like us) is 35, the top quarter is 64 to 100, and the bottom quarter is -100 to 11.While sharing these scores might seem like a marketing tactic designed to help us brag, we think of the scores more as a method for making our customer focus real and measurable.

These values are not for marketing purposes. Rather, they are shared with executives and investors to assist in managing and monitoring Pavilion’s business, and they demonstrate our commitment to building and sustaining positive customer relationships. Our commitment to delivering the best products and support reflects our customer-first focus and is reflected in our customer satisfaction scores.

Yes, a score of 94 is pleasantly high, but that doesn’t mean we get to rest on our laurels. Getting feedback isn’t enough. Pavilion customers under support enjoy an ongoing relationship with support. We have processes in place to make sure all detractors are followed up within 48 hours or less. This keeps customers engaged and lets them know that we take their feedback seriously.

What about your storage vendor? Do they interact with you, and do they publish their NPS/CSAT score?

If your storage vendor doesn’t contact you or is not publishing a Net Promoter Score, perhaps you should find a new vendor.

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