Boost SQL Server on VMware Performance by 400% with Two-Step Tuning

SQL Server on VMware make up most enterprise database deployments.  Whether in the cloud, on-prem or in a hybrid configuration, this powerful combination enables organizations to modernize workflows and attain greater efficiencies at scale.

Unfortunately, most IT infrastructure teams are constantly reacting to DBA needs for higher performance.  The common response is to buy bigger servers or add memory to existing ones.  The reality is that this does not address the underlying issue.  Money is wasted and DBAs continue to complain.

Working with David Klee (CEO and Founder of Heraflux Technologies) and Oleg Ulyanov (Sr. Cloud Architect of VMware), Pavilion has developed a two-step tuning process that addresses the entire SQL Server and VMware stack leveraging multiple storage controllers, NVMe SSDs, NVMe/TCP, and NVMe-RDMA to boost SQL Server performance by 400% or more using benchmarking tools that measure Orders Per Minute (OPM).

If you are constantly throwing money at hardware for SQL Server, please attend our upcoming webinar where David and Oleg will share best practices to optimize physical servers, VMware Hypervisors, operating systems, SQL Server instances, and the advantages of multi-controller storage architectures.  

Attendees of this webinar will also receive a 50% discount code for SQL Server in VMware Accelerator – The Ultimate Step-by-Step Full-Stack Guide training program. Learn more here.

BONUS - Attendees will also get an opportunity to receive free access to “Ask the Expert” quarterly webinars to further expand their SQL Server knowledge.

Join us December 8 at 10 AM Pacific to learn more.