High Performance Storage,
Application Acceleration,
Girl Scout Cookies,
You Can Have It All!

You may have noticed, Pavilion is embracing the NVIDIA GTC conference slogan, “Invent the Future Together”, to match with our own slogan, “Shattering Expectations” and tying it all together to support a nonprofit. It’s no gimmick, it’s about applying corporate social responsibility in a creative way that benefits all.

We chose to support the Girl Scout Cookie Program, as the girls themselves shatter expectations and invent the future together as the largest girl-run business in the world and because it’s a way to offer something sweet and fun to GTC conference attendees.

Pavilion is running ads and a social campaign promoting that NVIDIA GTC21 attendees who are responsible for, or who influence storage decisions, can have it all!

  • High performance storage
  • Application acceleration, and
  • Girl Scout cookies

And each person who registers and qualifies for the free cookies, will also be part of making a difference for the Girl Scouts.

This is truly a win, win, win, win…

NVIDIA wins, because we’re helping to promote their conference as part of an in-kind trade to host three on-demand sessions during their conference

Registrants win, because they get great cookies to enjoy during the conference and their decision to participate helps a nonprofit

Pavilion wins, because we build broader brand awareness and we get to highlight our GTC sessions specifically with people we’re trying to reach

Girl Scouts win, because the proceeds from the cookies stay local to the organization and it exposes young girls to a host of entrepreneurial ideas and business operations, as they will be the ones fulfilling the orders.

So go right ahead and sign up for your free Girl Scout cookies.  And while you’re at it why not share this blog with colleagues you know in other companies who are responsible for storage and who are attending NVIDIA GTC 21 and encourage them to register for free cookies as well.

If you would like to learn more about other ways Pavilion is exercising corporate social responsibility, check out this LinkedIn article.

Here’s to Shattering Expectations and Inventing the Future Together!