Hollywood Post-Production and Pavilion Data

Full uncompressed editing with multiple collaborators requires massive storage bandwidth and low-latency.  Traditionally, this is achieved by purchasing a large number of storage arrays and disks (HDDs or SSDs).  The result is excess capacity stranded for a single media asset.  This can be as much as four times the amount of actual storage required.  Pavilion Data can deliver 120GB/sec of throughput, enabling up to 10 seats with 6 streams of 60fps uncompressed 4K against an exact size of a media asset.

Most vendors are now promoting “All-NVMe” as the answer for uncompressed 4K and 8K editing and delivery.  But beware.  Many of these systems are traditional All-Flash Arrays or Just A Bunch of Flash (JBOF) designed for legacy SAS and SATA SSDs.  They have limited numbers of storage controllers, limited PCIe lanes to backend NVMe SSDs and require multiple systems to achieve your performance goals.  Only Pavilion delivers 20 active-active controllers across dual redundant 6Tb/sec PCIe fabrics at 40 microseconds of latency.

Nothing compares to NVMe shared storage performance.  But it is the most expensive SSD you can buy.  Use it wisely.

Pavilion Data believes in a tiered approach for rich media workflows.  Auto-tiering is an option, but seasoned veterans prefer a structured, managed hierarchy where file sets are pinned to storage tiers and moved across tiers throughout the creation and processing lifecycle.

With this approach, in conjunction with Pavilion’s extreme bandwidth and low-latency, it is possible to allocate the precise asset size (4K or 8K uncompressed) along with the number and size of edit streams per user to optimize your investment.  In many cases, this can be less expensive than all-in-one solutions from Big Storage manufacturers.

Choose high-bandwidth, high-capacity or high-endurance NVMe SSDs and purchase them as needed, separate from the Pavilion platform.  Deploy a mix of drives from different manufacturers in separate zones to optimize performance and utilization.

Replace legacy fiber channel SANs with standard Ethernet and NVMe-oF to avoid hidden costs.  Move to Ethernet and assure a consistent, low-cost growth path with a future-proof storage solution as 3D, VFX, and AR/VR requirements expand.

The Pavilion Array 4U appliance delivers performance and density at a level that allows shared storage in conjunction with your favorite shared storage management tool.  With up to 920TB in a single array, use it all as a single shared namespace, partition it to your requirements and leverage existing investments in StorNext, Spectrum Scale or PixitStor.

Pavilion Data is defining the future of disaggregated NVMe-oF.  Our system is an ideal part of a complete Media and Entertainment workflow.  Our expertise is in simplifying and optimizing NVMe to make the impossible, possible.  To take your infrastructure to the next level, you need the “Midas touch” of local, proven experts.  We partner with leading organizations to design, implement and deliver a complete solution tailored for your environment.  Contact us today to get in touch with our talented extended teams of professionals.