How To Go Faster than the Speed of Light with Storage Technology

The phrase “faster than the speed of light” evokes strong images in the minds of many. For Pavilion, it’s a phrase that builds upon how our customers have described our fast storage technology by saying “Pavilion makes the impossible, possible”. 

While there’s a perception that traveling faster than the speed of light isn’t possible, many scientists believe that it is -  we simply haven’t seen it yet.

At Pavilion, it’s our commitment to customers that they can shatter expectations. (Video)

To do so, they must let go previously held beliefs and constructs regarding storage architecture and even the role of storage in a data centric world.  In doing so, they open up their minds and their awareness for how they can have choice and control on-prem, in the cloud, and at the Enterprise Edge.

People thought you couldn’t have best-in-class performance for block, file, and object with unlimited scale, yet you can, with Pavilion.

People thought you couldn’t reach 1.2 TB per second per rack of throughput with latency of only 25 microseconds, yet you can, with Pavilion.

Much like traveling faster than the speed of light, Pavilion offers what many thought was impossible.

Pavilion. Shattering Expectations today, tomorrow, and beyond…
Making the Impossible Possible.

Let us show you how. Schedule a technical discussion with one of our SEs or a business value discussion with one of our AEs. Remote and on-prem POCs are also available to demonstrate the performance. Take that next step to put your storage into hyperdrive and see what’s possible.

By Amy Love, CMO, Pavilion Data