In the past few years, High Performance Computing “HPC” has gone from esoteric to mainstream. Yesterday’s “supercomputing” is now a collaboration of clouds tackling the most critical decisions of mankind. At Pavilion, we are honored to be part of this community.

Large enterprises are now eyeballing HPC architectures as the fundamental building block for the intersection of Big and Fast Data for parallel file systems.

A new website, questions today’s network, storage and data architectures. Is your storage technology ready for massively parallel applications? Is the investment in an NVMe drive tech upgrade for your AFA good enough? Or should you go to NVMe + NVMe-oF?

The site offers up fresh content, infographics and education about better ways to manage HPC data in a world where the future is undeniably NVMe + NVMe-oF.

The “Ask an Engineer” has an SLA with real engineers behind it. No bots, just smart folks who will reply within the next business day with facts.

Your Q&A with smart folks will create a forum where deeper discussions can lead to even better outcomes.

At Pavilion we believe that NVMe-oF is a better way. Leave your legacy storage and data technical debt behind. Hyperparallel should be an open choice of drives with linear scaling.

Pavilion is proud to be a sponsor of Watch for more contributions in the weeks to come.