Is your Storage Solution Compatible with Spectrum Scale v5.0?

Keith Parker, Pavilion Data

Spectrum Scale from IBM is one of the most powerful and well established systems in the world, powering some of the largest and most strategic HPC centers. The latest version, v5.0, is designed to provide unprecedented performance, ease of use, flexibility, and data-efficiency.

For many customers though, v5.0 is not an option on their existing system, as many storage solutions that were compatible with earlier versions of Spectrum Scale are no longer supported on the latest release.

With Change Comes Opportunity:
Spectrum Scale users looking to accelerate their performance now have the opportunity to evaluate next generation providers that both support Spectrum Scale v5.0 solutions and bring even greater performance, lower latency, higher density and a better value than their incumbent solutions.

With Change Comes Learning:
Spectrum Scale users looking to evaluate products and technologies have much to consider. There are three distinct storage models that can be used with Spectrum Scale:

  • Shared Nothing Distributed Parallel Nodes
  • Shared Disk Model, and
  • Shared Everything Distributed Parallel Nodes

And each of these have their own inherent benefits and challenges along with a variety of interconnects, drive types, and tiering models to consider.

With Knowledge Comes Clarity:
Rather than relying on a multitude of vendor claims, which point to having the “best” solution, use your knowledge to see what’s best for your environment

Read this whitepaper by independent industry analyst Marc Staimer to get an unbiased look at different solutions and technologies.

This paper breaks down the different storage models and does a side by side comparison of solutions from a number of companies. It takes into account performance, as well as cost, density, manageability, and more to help you choose the right solution for your environment today, tomorrow, and beyond.