How Sony Innovation Studios Creates Value & Leverages IT in M&E Workflows

The Media and Entertainment industry is undergoing radical transformation. From volumetric capture to virtual production and 24x7 content creation the media and entertainment workflows for how TV, movies, games and other content is produced and delivered has been forever altered by technology and the post-pandemic “new normal.”

This new world is based on three fundamental cornerstones of time, space and money.

  1. Space – From 4K to 8K with new requirements for file systems throughput and latency.
  2. Time - Parallel processing requiring Hyperparallel storage for post, dubbing, sound effects, color correction and more.
  3. Money - Attracting and retaining the best talent in a follow-the-sun model while hitting the release date.

Join Michael Pearce, Manager of Production Systems, Sony Innovation Studios; Billy Russell, Vice President and CTO of Alliance Integrated Technology; VR Satish, Co-Founder and CTO of Pavilion Data Systems; and panel moderator Amy Love, CMO of Pavilion for a thought-provoking conversation about the future of media and entertainment workflows enabled by storage technology that offers unrivaled choice and control. In the session you will learn more about:

  • Needs and challenges of the M&E environment 
  • Industry focused use cases for M&E
  • Specifics about how AIT, Pavilion and Sony Innovation Studios shattered expectations for the next generation of M&E workflows.

These visionaries will share how Volumetric Capture and Virtual Production are game changers. Why the confluence of gaming engines and interactive media redefine today’s M&E workloads. How performant, dense, scalable and flexible storage solutions for shared namespaces cannot be achieved with islands of fibre channel SAN or traditional NAS products. And what to ask your solution provider so that you are prepared for an unpredictable future.

This is an event you don’t want to miss. Register for the webinar at 10:30 AM Pacific on March 31st or to receive a post-webinar on-demand viewing follow-up link here.