NVMe-oF Storage - Better, Faster, Cheaper

Get off your DAS & SAN Up!

Need a modern storage infrastructure? Use Ethernet.

Ethernet-based storage networks are 3x faster than fibre channel and ½ the cost!

Look no farther than Pavilion. The fastest storage in the world and less expensive than any other NVMe-based AFA.

Ethernet, it’s not just NAS anymore, the new kid on the block is NVMe-oF, and it is everywhere. NVMe/RDMA offers the lowest latencies and is the answer to your need for speed. Software-Defined NVMe-oF just doesn't cut it.

Pure just wants your green…

Pavilion’s HyperParallel design supercharges SQL databases like SQL Server as well as NoSQL ones. It delivers 2-4x consolidation of VMs to enable new applications or reduces database and VM costs. It is not just DBs and VMs, Pavilion makes everything (including NVIDIA DGX and virtualized GPUs) scream.

Pavilion offers Microsoft and VMware certified drivers for both TCP & RDMA. You now have a certified choice that puts you in control.

No heavy lifting, just replace an old array and point to the new system. Vola!

NVMe/TCP is instantly 50% lower latency than iSCSI.

Later add NVMe/RDMA as a future-proof storage network.

Upgrade to insanely fast 100/200Gbps Ethernet, or use InfiniBand.

Latency drops another 50%> with RDMA.

Get off your DAS

Manage like a SAN

Reduce software license costs

Be a data storage hero!

David Klee, Microsoft MVP and VMware vExpert, is a believer!.

“It takes a lot to impress me. I’m just blown away by Pavilion!”

Interested in learning more about the advantages of NVMe-oF? Request a meeting today with one of our Customer Success Advocates who will gather information about your unique business and storage needs to ensure they align with our solutions. Bring your data and let us prove you're greater than >.