It’s a DAS... It’s a NAS… No, it’s Ethernet and NVMe/TCP for VMware!

Need a modern storage infrastructure? Think Ethernet. Need a modern storage platform? Think NVMe-oF. Use Ethernet and NVMe-oF and get the best of both.

NVMe SSDs continue to proliferate and are the preferred storage used to populate arrays when performance is critical. Ethernet is everywhere and everyone knows it and uses it. Ethernet and NVMe-oF brings the performance of an NVMe SSD in an array to an application server that needs it.

Imagine a world where an external array that uses NVMe-oF can deliver all the benefits of shared storage. The Pavilion HyperParallel Flash Array (HFA) creates a SAN-like Ethernet-based storage network that is 3x faster than an NVMe SSD in a server. Ethernet networks are also ½ the price of fibre channel networks.

Ethernet speed and reliability concerns are a thing of the past. Instead of NFS, why not use TCP/IP for storage? Like Ethernet, TCP/IP is everywhere, well understood, delivers scalable performance, and is suited for Enterprise applications.

The Pavilion AFA is an NVMe SSD all-flash array (AFA) that supports NVMe/TCP and is the fastest storage in the world. It is also 25x less expensive per IOPS than any other NVMe-based AFA for the same fast performance.

The Pavilion HFA was the first storage array to be certified for VMware vSphere 7’s support of NVMe/RDMA (RoCE v2). VMware released support for NVMe/TCP in vSphere 7.0 U3 and Pavilion certification soon followed.

Adding NVMe/TCP to Pavilion’s existing VMware certifications of NVMe/RDMA, iSCSI, and NFS gives customers NVMe-oF for both file and block operations. Customers can deploy Pavilion into existing NAS or iSCSI storage networks, replacing legacy systems that lack performance, capacity, and ability to leverage NVMe-oF.

It’s simple, change on the fly from iSCSI to using NVMe/TCP and double performance with half the latency. No need for volume migrations, cloning of volumes, or data movement, VMs just get higher performance. Also, NVMe-oF is certified for Windows Server, making Pavilion the only storage vendor to be certified for NVMe/TCP and NVMe/RDMA on VMware and Windows. Pavilion gives you a certified choice that decreases risk and boosts performance.

What about all the talk about Software-Defined Storage (SDS) implementations of NVMe/TCP? Customers don’t like them as the server overhead of SDS NVMe/TCP and its meta-data management can be painful, The sub-100-millisecond latency of the Pavilion HFA on VMware is dramatically faster than any SDS implementation.

The Pavilion HFA makes the impossible possible. It transforms what enterprise storage is capable of and lets organizations extract maximum value from data in a practical time frame and at a reasonable cost enabling affordable and timely data-based decisions.