NVMeAcademy.com - Education for the 3rd Wave

Most organizations understand that NVMe is now the primary interface for flash storage. But the backstory of why it won out over SATA and SAS is not well known.

NVMe-over-Fabrics is rapidly becoming the defacto standard for next generation storage networks. But we need to understand supported operating systems, network design and deployment options.

Where do we turn for a deep technical education on:

Why NVMe is the superior SSD protocol.
Where NVMe-over-Fabrics fits into the picture.
When to use RDMA, TCP, iSCSI, NFS.
How to optimize NVMe-oF deployments.

A new website, www.NVMeAcademy.com presents concise videos, FAQs, and papers to address these questions and more. The NVMe Academy is a learning vehicle for those who need basic exposure to the storage used in web-scale applications, but don’t know where to start.

The intent is to provide enough information to understand various aspects of storage, but not so much so that we discourage non-technical students from participating.

We recognize that some visitors may have additional interest in specific topics and want to delve more deeply into the subject matter, so there is an “Ask The Engineer” where you can engage for your specific questions.

Together, NVMe and NVMe-oF usher in a 3rd wave of data center storage that are game-changers for the design, implementation and operation of information architectures at scale.

NVMeAcademy.com is here to help.