Optimizing 4k & 8k Workflows Pavilion Data and Quantum Stornext

The goal of a production organization is to create, collaborate, and format digital assets for rapid monetization. Traditionally, this is achieved by utilizing a large number of hard disk drives and solid disk drives. While this speeds operation, this results in over allocating-storage (as much as 4X) and increases the production costs.

NVMe SSDs provides M&E workflows the high-performance and low latency they require. But achieving these benefits requires that the NVMe drive and the production software reside in the same server node. That is, until Pavilion Data. Pavilion’s NVMe over fabric (NVMe-oF) storage array provides remote M&E applications the performance of local NVMe drives, so they don’t have to depend on local storage.

Pavilion’s architecture unlocks the parallel performance of NVMe drives and delivers the high-performance and low latency that is needed for 4K & 8K workflows. With over 1PB of capacity, 120GB/s throughput, and 40µsec latency, M&E production houses can work in native resolution at an economical cost while reducing editing, copy, and render times.

To illustrate the benefits of Pavilion’s unique design, a systems integrator combined StorNext 6 and the Pavilion NVMe-oF storage array. Using the Frametest utility, the integrator demonstrated the ingesting and display of multiple 4K and 8K streams. Pavilion’s NVMe-oF storage array delivered more frames and had higher throughput than any vendor’s published results. During read testing, Pavilion demonstrated 549 4K and 219 8K frames per second (FPS) with 20 4K/8K streams. During write testing, Pavilion demonstrated 532 4K and 220 8K FPS with 20 4K/8K streams.

The combination of Pavilion and StorNext provides a tiered approach for rich media workflows. In this example, the Pavilion NVMe-oF storage array is used as tier 1, multiple 10K RPM SAS drives as the second tier, and multiple 7.2K RPM near-line SAS drives as the final tier.

Production houses can automatically move their digital assets across multiple tiers of storage by policy while maintaining shared global access. The tiering approach empowers them to move less-frequently accessed data to the most cost-effective, “green” storage with best-in-class data protection.

The combination of Pavilion and StorNext also enables customers to optimize the ingest and retrieval of large and small files with ultra-high performance, consistent video playback, improved storage utilization, enhanced global collaboration, and reduced production costs. The ability to make clones directly from zero-footprint snapshots accelerates transcoding operations and eases completion headaches.

Pavilion is an ideal part of a complete Media and Entertainment workflow. Our expertise is in simplifying and optimizing NVMe to make the impossible possible. Taking the infrastructure to the next level requires the “Midas touch” of local, proven experts. Contact us today to get in touch with our talented team of professionals.