Powering Applications to Drive Data Insights in Real Time

Our collective future with data storage, and GPUs & DPUs

2020 has been a year like no other and it has certainly not been what anyone expected. Historically, many companies have thrived during periods of disruption and many companies have been founded and/or find their foothold during uncertain times. For Pavilion, we find ourselves positioned well with new and existing customers setting new records for us and for themselves.

As 2021 dawns and we (hopefully) get back to normal life, the disruption we’ve seen has given organizations permission to accelerate the move to a modern data centric infrastructure world to create competitive advantage. This means moving away from legacy players and embracing the next generation of players who have built solutions not constrained by tired, old (maybe aging) architectures.

The data centric future will be a shift where organizations move from making decisions based upon a snapshot of their data to one where they are able to analyze all of their data over time, in real time and to make truly informed decisions. As organizations analyze greater volumes of data, they'll need solutions that store and deliver that data efficiently for real-time data storage processing.


Global datasphere is expected to quadruple by 2025Source: IDC’s Data Age 2025 study, sponsored by Seagate. Data is as of August 30, 2018.

This shift requires that data be stored, used, and processed differently. Modern applications, such as AI/ML, analytics, HPC, and other data driven workloads are predicated on the ability to draw insights rapidly and in real time from large data sets. The ability to store, access, and move these large data sets will be critical going forward. Only modern architectures, including those that can accelerate GPU / DPU performance, tier data to multiple storage types as well as media types, will be required to meet this demand. These modern architectures should have the flexibility to support block, file and/or object to provide ultimate flexibility in deployment options.

Pavilion offers customers the most performant, dense, scalable, and flexible real-time data storage platform in the universe, powered by Pavilion HyperOS. Pavilion’s network centric architecture is enabling us to fundamentally shatter expectations and as our customers say “makes the impossible, possible”.



These interesting times have enabled technology leaders to spend more time thinking about change and the future for how their data center will impact their businesses.

As I look to 2021 and beyond, I see a world where applications can access any amount of data from anywhere to drive insights in real time. Pavilion is proud to offer this solution today.

To learn more about how the Pavilion HyperParallel Data Platform™, powered by Pavilion HyperOS™ has fundamentally changed storage architecture to provide unmatched data capabilities along with unprecedented customer choice and control, click here.

By Amy Love
CMO Pavilion Data Systems