NVMe Ubiquitous, NVMe-oF Inevitable, Hyperparallel Proven

“Persistence and Determination are Omnipotent... The slogan ‘Press On’ has solved and will always solve the problems of the human race.”

Calvin Coolidge

30th US President


Entering 2019, the Pavilion charter was to make:

  1. NVMe ubiquitous
  2. NVMe-oF inevitable
  3. Hyperparallel proven

#1 is done.  NVMe is ubiquitous.  According to data storage prognosticators, NVMe gigabyte shipments likely surpassing SAS and SATA combined in 2019. In 2020, G2M Inc. expects NVMe to reach $57 billion in total sales.

#2 NVMe-oF is inevitable. Searching on NVMe-oF today yields 43 million results in less than 1 second.  Why?

  • Standards are mature- NVMe-oF 1.1 provides RDMA and TCP transports, enhanced device discovery as well as full-featured high-availability.
  • Big Drives can hurt. When 15+ TB drives fail in DAS, recovery can take 1TB/hr. Pavilion SWARM rebuilds 1TB in less than 5 minutes.
  • VMware and Microsoft double TAM. VMware will add NVMe-over-RDMA in vSphere 7.0.  Look for NVMe-oF for Windows in early 2020.

#3 Hyperparallel is proven.  DAS may be an option, but TechTarget’s Flash Pulse Survey shows that 47% of NVMe adopters plan to implement through storage arrays vs. DAS in 2020.

Hype or hyperparallel?

The data storage industry is taking notice. During 2019, we closed a third funding round of $25M, were named an IDC NVMe over TCP Innovator, a CRN Hottest Storage Startups to Watch, were the first NVMe-oF Solution for Spectrum Scale on IBM’s Global Solutions Directory, became a Dell Extended Technologies Partner for direct and channel resale, while accumulating 17 patents. We also set new world records for the STAC M3 benchmark, announced Ready for VMware storage, and proved ourselves with large customers worldwide.

More satisfying than any award is how customers describe Pavilion, NVMe-oF, and Hyperparallel:

In the world’s largest NVMe-oF deployment
"Pavilion makes the impossible possible."

In High-Performance Computing
"10X better performance/density at scale.  Easy to buy through Dell."

In Government Big Data
“Performance Density is the new storage metric."

In Fast Data with STAC World Records
"Hyperparallel with OpenChoice Storage™ disrupts STAC-M3."

There is much more to do in 2020. Persistence and determination have created NVMe, NVMe-oF and now Hyperparallel.  We press on.