Ready for IBM Storage

Get ready!  Pavilion Data’s Hyper-Parallel Flash Array is now “Ready for IBM Storage.”  The first Spectrum Scale solution for shared NVMe storage is now formally listed on the IBM Global Solutions Directory.

With 120GB/sec read and 90GB/sec write bandwidth at 40 microseconds, Pavilion Data offers performance density unparalleled in NVMe shared storage for Spectrum Scale, and we have several significant deployments.

A Massively Parallel Computing Center has deployed our storage array as part of a genomics sequencing cluster running analytics through more than 120 nodes with a single 4U chassis.

Another customer has more than 512 nodes deployed with a few arrays.  In this particular environment, the goal was to achieve the highest throughput ever for a single shared namespace with Spectrum Scale.  The customer summed it up as “making the impossible, possible.”

Protected by more than a dozen patents and more pending, the Pavilion Platform looks a lot like a network switch.  It has dual six terabit PCIe switch fabrics, dual management controllers and offers an OpenChoice of NVMe drives from your favorite manufacturer.  If you have a volume purchase agreement with a drive maker, buy the drives directly.  Re-use existing drives.  Most importantly, don’t wait for vendor refresh cycles.  When the hottest new NVMe drive is available, buy it and deploy in the Pavilion platform.

In a large cluster, setting up shared volumes is easy.  Use the GUI, CLI, or framework integration to assign NSD host clients or servers to a controller.  Assign that same set of hosts to another controller and voila! You have a shared NVMe SAN.  Use standard NVMe-over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) multipathing for failover, and you have resiliency.  Since each Pavilion controller supports 4,096 NVMe queues, it is possible to define each NSD node with eight queues – up to 512 nodes to any given controller.  With processing power to spare, we even have customers foregoing dedicated NSD servers and running the filesystem directly on up to 20 storage controllers. Try that with a traditional All-Flash Array.

Eric Burgener, research vice president in IDC’s Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies Group sums it up nicely in our Press Release.

For customers in government, financial services, media and entertainment and other verticals with workloads that require NVMe performance, this announcement means that they can get high performance, turnkey parallel file system solutions that pair IBM Spectrum Scale and Pavilion Data’s NVMe over Fabric Storage Platform through additional well-established channels.  These relationships will clearly help to broaden awareness and distribution capabilities for Pavilion Data’s unique NVMe system.

Mr. Burgener’s identification of our target segments is spot-on.  Being part of the IBM Global Solutions Directory is an important achievement.  This, along with access to Pavilion Data’s product through Dell Technologies and our expanded sales and channels organizations, we are helping organizations worldwide make the impossible possible.