Statistics Netherlands makes its mark without compromising performance & density

Pavilion has a new look and a significant presence at VMworld 2019, in Barcelona, Spain, at the Gran Via. Many members of our engineering, marketing, and sales teams will meet up with clients, partners, prospects, and almost 15,000 attendees. VMworld features the latest hybrid and multi-cloud advancements from VMware® and its partners.

This year's theme of "Make Your Mark" empowers VMworld 2019 attendees to learn, connect, and innovate in the world of IT and business. The Pavilion Hyperparallel Flash Array lets them make their mark by boosting virtualized and containerized applications without compromising performance & density. The software-defined data center is a vital part of VMware's message of transforming to the flash-centric data center, and the Pavilion Hyperparallel Flash array is key to VMware’s SDDC implementation.

Join Pavilion and the Central Bureau of Statistics Netherlands (CBS) for a riveting session on VMware Cloud Foundation and Kubernetes on Nov. 6. At 15:30 [KUB4048BES] and hear how CBS was able to save 70% in costs while shrinking their footprint 16X.

In our stand, you will see a demonstration of CBS’s Kubernetes and Greenplum infrastructure using VMware’s NVMe-over-RDMA support. You will also hear about the benefits gained from K8s and their plans for NVMe-oF as a protocol for their VMware Kubernetes environments. While this functionality will not be available until vSphere 7.0, our early performance benchmarks show 2.5X better Read IOPS and 3.5X better Write IOPS than what we deliver with NFS today.

Also demonstrated in the stand is the vCenter plugin for Pavilion that unlocks the power of Pavilion HFA storage, we are also showing the power of the Pavilion HFA in its support of 100,000s of VMs with NFS-based datastores. Perhaps you are looking to migrate thousands of VMs to persistent K8s-based containers. We show you how you can do it without losing performance, boosting application performance to get results quickly without compromising performance for density.

At Pavilion, we are making the impossible, possible. Visit stand #209 to learn more.