VMware Explore ≠ Microsoft SQL Server: Hidden SQL Server Storage Optimization Secrets You Need To Know

A business needs applications to be fast and to quickly react to data growth. Microsoft SQL Server is at the heart and core of many of these applications. This demands IT organizations get the most out of their SQL Server environment. At VMware Explore, Microsoft does not want you to hear about these SQL Server optimizations, why is that? Could it be they want you to attend their own pricey conference? 

We’ve got you covered! Back by popular demand is David Klee’s webinar on 4X Your SQL Server Performance While Doubling Your VM Density. This replay features Microsoft MVP and VMware vExpert David Klee (Founder and Chief Architect of Heraflux technologies) and Walter Hinton (Director of Marketing for Pavilion Data Systems). If you missed it the first time around or just need a refresher, this webinar is for you. It will help you better understand:

  • How low storage latency improves SQL Server’s transactional commit times
  • How to get more simultaneous database users by picking the right storage
  • How to tune SQL Server performance, improve VM density, and reduce  VM overhead
  • How the astronomical SQL Server and vSphere licensing costs is slashed if you use the right storage

Join us on Wednesday, August 24, 2022, at 1:00 PM ET and spend just 50 minutes learning from David.