Pavilion Performance, Ultra-low Latency, and Affordability with NVMe-oF/RoCE for Windows served as key requirements to accelerate healthcare billing application performance

October 21, 2020, San Jose, CA – Pavilion Data Systems, the leader in the third wave of data storage, announced today that a Fortune 1000 financial services company focused on global information and insights including specializing in consumer credit reporting and billing analysis, selected the Pavilion Hyperparallel Flash Array™ (Pavilion HFA™) to power their SQL Server storage based healthcare analytics and billing applications.

Grounded in their history as a credit reporting agency, the customer fuses credit and public data to leverage the power of combined data. In line with that, the company selected the Pavilion HFA to power its next generation SQL Server based applications.

The company also services healthcare organizations to perform analytics on patient records and billing functions to find payments that their customers are entitled to, ensuring that hospitals are paid what is due. On average, they’re able to find previously missed payments from anywhere between 1 and 2% of all patients admitted. These monies would otherwise go unclaimed, so the hospitals leverage this service to recoup charges owed.

This is accomplished by running SQL on Windows 2016 servers for data searching and analytics.

The customer had several requirements to meet their rigorous performance and manageability needs. First, the customer was moving off of IBM V9000 systems, which had proven too costly and difficult to manage. By providing a high performance, disaggregated solution, the Pavilion HFA dramatically simplified their storage environment while providing them with the ability to linearly and independently scale storage capacity and performance to meet the needs of the business for greater data analysis and business insights.

Further, there was a requirement for efficient resiliency. The Pavilion HFA is uniquely able to provide this with our Swarm RAID Recovery. In the event of a drive failure, Pavilion Swarm RAID Recovery uses the power of multiple controllers to “swarm” the degraded array enabling the data from the failed drive to be rebuilt in minutes, as opposed to hours, or even days for traditional RAID solutions.

Finally, and most importantly, was performance. Capable of delivering up to 120GB/s of throughput, 22M IOPs of performance, and latencies as low as 25µs, in a single 4RU array, the Pavilion HFA provides unrivaled performance density. The Pavilion HFA gives customers the performance of DAS with all the benefits of shared storage.

Pavilion has multiple deployments in the analytics vertical and is continuing to expand its innovative next gen data center footprint in this space.

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