Site broadens understanding of how NVMe-oF can be used to achieve parallelism in storage, similar to processing, shattering performance expectations in High Performance Computing

April 10, 2020, San Jose, CA., a thought leadership storage solution website, has been created to bring awareness to the third wave of storage for High Performance Computing (HPC) environments. The third wave of storage, brought about by disruptive technologies including NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF), Hyperparallel Flash Arrays (HFAs), and RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE), has the potential to fundamentally reshape the storage market by offering users affordable performance at scale.

“The goal of this site is to give back to the industry by providing thought leadership and technical resources for IT professionals with high-performance computing environments that enable them to do a deeper dive on next-generation storage technologies,” said Amy Love, Chief Marketing Officer at Pavilion Data Systems. “One upside from this unprecedented work from home environment is that people can dive deeper into topics of interest. IT leaders looking into newer technologies that can accelerate their business’ performance can expand their knowledge regarding how the emerging ‘third wave’ of storage is driving results in production environments and evaluate how it could help their organizations.”

The third wave of storage began with NVMe which freed SSDs from legacy disk interfaces. HFAs then eliminated the bottlenecks imposed by the legacy dual-controller architecture of All Flash Arrays (AFAs) with a switch-like design enabling multiple controllers to access storage simultaneously to deliver unprecedented performance. Finally, NVMe-oF and RoCE enabled storage arrays to provide the same or better performance than direct-attached storage (DAS) solutions over a fabric. The third wave of storage gives organizations the performance of DAS with the efficiency and manageability of a SAN.

“Pavilion Data Systems initially caught our eye for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML). As the 3rd wave of storage emerges, lots of questions come to mind,” said Enrico Signoretti, Sr. Data Storage Analyst at GigaOM. “Pavilion has taken a pragmatic approach to market education with a new website, There is some really useful information here, I applaud the approach to education over advertising.” provides technical briefs, real-world customer use cases, white papers, links to industry organizations, and an ask an engineer questions function. Supported by Pavilion Data Systems, presents the content for educational purposes.

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