Educational videos, thought leadership papers and community FAQ streamline buyer’s insights for the 3rd wave of storage

April 14, 2020, San Jose, CA – provides easily consumed videos and papers for the design, implementation, and operation of the NVMe protocol and its networking counterpart NVMe-over-Fabrics.

The new site delivers in-depth technical education on protocols, deployment options, critical features for NVMe-oF storage system design, and "how-to" articles for navigating the subtleties of NVMe-oF for TCP, RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) and use of NVMe technology with legacy networking protocols like iSCSI and NFS.

“Most organizations know that NVMe is the primary interface for flash storage. Though the backstory of why it won out over SATA and SAS is not well known,” said V.R. Satish, CTO at Pavilion Data Systems. “NVMe-over-Fabrics the defacto standard for next-generation storage networks. We need to understand supported operating systems, network design, and deployment options. That’s where comes in. It provides insights to build NVMe-oF solutions that shatter performance expectations.”

The third wave of storage began with NVMe, which freed solid-state storage from the overhead of legacy disk interfaces. Hyperparallel Flash Arrays (HFAs) then eliminated the bottlenecks imposed by the dual-controller architecture of legacy All Flash Arrays (AFAs) with a network switch-like design where multiple controllers access storage in parallel. As NVMe-oF and RoCE enable external storage arrays to provide the same or better performance than direct-attached storage (DAS) solutions over a fabric, the third wave of storage now allows organizations to enjoy the performance of DAS with the efficiency and manageability of a SAN.

“The third wave of storage systems goes beyond just NVMe and includes Hyperparallel Flash Arrays, NVMe-oF, and fast networking, which combine to deliver the consistent, predictable, and scalable, high-performance storage modern scale-out applications require.”, said Chris M. Evans, founder of Architecting IT. “ provides essential content for anyone wanting to learn more about the impact of these disruptive technologies.”

“ is designed to support storage industry learning regarding the third wave of storage in a self-guided way” said Amy Love, Chief Marketing Officer at Pavilion Data Systems. “The site, equipped with a progression of technical topics, enables technical professionals to dive into content based upon where their knowledge base is and where they would like to take it. The site also provides visitors the opportunity to dive deeper into subject matters with an “Ask an Engineer” Forum and an extensive community-based FAQ.”

About Pavilion

Pavilion is the inventor of the world’s first Hyperparallel Flash Array. Built for NVMe from the ground up, Pavilion brings unprecedented scalability, unmatched performance density, and an OpenChoice of NVMe SSDs and NVMe-oF topologies. Across a variety of industries, Pavilion has a proven solution that brings scale-up and scale-out storage to organizations worldwide. To find out more, visit or follow the company twitter at