Companies to work on NVMe-oF Deployments for Seismic Nexus service centers

January 21, 2020 – San Jose, Calif. – Pavilion, the leader in NVMe-Over-Fabrics, and Ovation Data Services Inc. (OvationData), a leading data services provider for multiple industries in Europe and the United States, with a concentration in seismic data for oil and gas exploration,
announced today an alliance to bring Hyperparallel Flash Array (HFA) technology to OvationData’s Seismic Nexus and Technology Centers.

OvationData helps organizations manage their data, which may be recorded on everything from paper, magnetic tape and other digital storage media, and converting them into a format for ready access and analysis. The company has long-enabled customers to store their data in a cost-effective solution and is now extending this capability into a service called the Seismic Nexus Industry-Specific Cloud (ISC).

With a long history of serving the oil and gas industry, OvationData will leverage the speed, capacity, and cost advantages of Pavilion's HFA as part of the comprehensive seismic data remediation, management and direct-delivery system. Combining OvationData’s time-tested Exploration Archives data management and Data Stewardship archive and orchestration layers, the Seismic Nexus ISC now allows customers to store and retrieve copies of master data sets over a high-performance local-area network with low-latency via the massively parallel Pavilion NVMe-oF storage. Data owners can use the rich Exploration Archives user experience or any RestAPI-capable Digital Asset Management solution to present data for simultaneous access by adjacent interpretation, processing, analytics, machine-learning and Big Data systems.

“We are pleased to bring Pavilion’s Hyperparallel Flash Array technology, disruptive OpenChoice Storage™ business model, and advanced NVMe-oF feature set to the Seismic Nexus ISC," said Bo Kennedy, director of architecture for OvationData, “We particularly
appreciate the OpenChoice Storage business model, which lets us upgrade NVMe SSDs as new drives enter the market, without having to replace the array, as well as the ability to mix different types of drives based on customer performance and endurance profiles. Pavilion HFA is future-proof and scalable in both storage and throughput capacity.”

"Pavilion continues to expand its footprint in industries where big data meets fast data," said Mike Canavan, chief revenue officer at Pavilion. "OvationData is a recognized leader for these types of workloads across several industries. Oil and gas exploration is a targeted vertical for us, and the team at OvationData has a strategy that is an ideal fit for Pavilion's HFA."

About OvationData

OvationData provides sophisticated and scalable data management solutions for customers worldwide. Providing personal service throughout the project lifecycle, from strategy building to deployment and support. For over 30 years, OvationData has specialized in data management services to the Exploration & Production industry. With Technology and Service Centers in the United States and the United Kingdom, and operating globally, OvationData is recognized as a leader in the science and technology for the management and preservation of digital information.
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About Pavilion

Pavilion is the inventor of the world’s first Hyperparallel Flash Array. Built for NVMe from the
ground up, Pavilion brings unprecedented scalability, unmatched performance density and an
OpenChoice of NVMe SSDs and NVMe-oF topologies. Across a variety of industries, Pavilion has a proven solution that brings scale-up and scale-out storage to organizations worldwide. To find out more, visit or follow the company on Twitter at



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