Company CTO to share user benefits in “NVMe-oF for High-Frequency Trading” session at the STAC Summit

Pavilion Data Systems, the leader in NVMe-over-Fabrics (NVMe-oF), announced today record-breaking results of STAC-M3™ Benchmarks in a new STAC Report™ released this week (

The STAC-M3 benchmark specifications are maintained by the STAC Benchmark Council, which consists of over 300 financial institutions and more than 50 vendor organizations. User firms include the largest global banks, brokerage houses, exchanges, hedge funds, proprietary trading shops, and other market participants. Such firms designed the STAC-M3 benchmark suite to represent a common set of performance-related challenges in financial time-series analytics. The STAC-M3 results were audited by the Securities Technology Analysis Center (STAC®), which facilitates the Council.

A solution using the company’s Hyperparallel Flash Array populated with standard SSDs for the test produced a world-record performance in four analytical benchmarks against all other publicly disclosed systems, including systems with direct-attached storage and Intel® Optane™ drives. The Pavilion array came ahead of all other publicly disclosed solutions involving kdb+ and flash arrays in eight tick analytics benchmarks.

STAC will review highlights of the results at the STAC Summit in New York City on October 17, 2019. VR Satish, Pavilion Data CTO, will then present architectural considerations for large-scale workloads in a session called “NVMe-oF for High-Frequency Trading” at the. “I am looking forward to sharing with the STAC audience how we achieved the findings of this report. It proves the flexibility of our system with our OPENCHOICE business model while illustrating the advantages of our Hyperparallel Flash Array for performance, density, and ease-of-use.”

Glenn Wright, Senior Systems Architect at Kx, said: “Kx customers demand both high performance and low latency from their compute and storage platforms. The ability to combine a distributed kdb+ implementation with a high-performance storage fabric can be very attractive to our customers. These tests show that NVMe over Fabric using the Pavilion Hyperparallel Flash Array represents a valid option to support high-performance kdb+ market data analytics.

“We are pleased to support Pavilion with our network technologies like ConnectX as they continue to prove the benefits of NVMe-oF in workloads where parallelism and low latency matter most,” said John Kim, director of storage marketing at Mellanox. “The numbers from the STAC Report are certainly showing how NVMe-oF can be used today to achieve massive parallel performance in the most complex and strict environments.”


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