Leading Technology Analyst Firm Cites Platform’s Unlimited Linear Performance, Integrated Services, and Capacity for Serious Workflows

SAN JOSE, CA — (February 9, 2022) — Pavilion Data Systems, the leader in advanced data storage solutions, announced that its HyperParallel Data Platform™ has been named a 2022-23 "Top 5 Storage for Life Sciences Solution" by the Data Center Intelligence Group (DCIG), an IT industry analyst firm. The HyperParallel Data Platform, consisting of the Pavilion HyperParallel Flash Array™ and Pavilion HyperOS™, was singled out among 15 contending providers for having exceptional performance, deployment capability, data protection and technical support, among other factors.

In citing the HyperParallel Data Platform, DCIG noted the solution's ability to provide "massive IO parallelism through its unique architectural approach that basically hyper-converges a high-speed network switch with a unified flash storage array." It detailed three factors that earned Pavilion a top place in its report:

  • Unlimited linear performance (and capacity) scaling, including "remarkable storage density" that enables users "to start fairly small but grow big by both scaling up (to 2PB per unit and scaling out (unlimited) cost-efficiently as necessary."
  • Built for serious workflows by providing "a native multi-protocol access to enable a single, unified storage repository to power both very high-speed data ingest and parallel client consumption of fast data in disparate forms."
  • Integrated enterprise data services such as "tiering, replication, snapshots, clones, security, encryption and application plugins" as well as hardware upgrades and cluster expansion that can be made non-disruptively while eliminating "single points of failure common to other arrays."

DCIG's 2022-23 "Top 5 Storage for Life Sciences Solutions" report underscored the need for high performance storage in life sciences analysis. "Life sciences organizations depend on some of the most compute and data-intensive applications in the world for primary research, on-line analysis, global collaboration, and product development," the report states. "Maintaining an organization's key data properly over time can become critical to the ongoing success of that organization."

"We are pleased to accept the DCIG data storage Top 5 Award for Life Sciences," said Shridar Subramanian, Chief Marketing/Product Officer, Pavilion Data Systems. "Our strengths in performance, density, and scalability are the cornerstones for successful deployments in Cryo-EM, genomics, and radiology."

Pavilion's HyperParallel Data Platform is able to resolve data processing bottlenecks that can cripple life science research. Studies have shown that in Cryo-EM research, up to ten days of work time is lost each month due to cumbersome data processing activity. The HyperParallel Data Platform's patented NVME over Ethernet approach, which operates twice as fast as fibre channel pathways, can generate a 30% increase in research productivity at less than half the cost.

"Pavilion clearly defines what the DCIG TOP 5 Storage for Life Sciences solutions are all about - delivering on ultra-competitive high-end storage scalability and performance requirements to help the world's most advanced scientific organizations tackle the toughest of today's cutting-edge problems." – Mike Matchett, DCIG Consulting Analyst

"The Pavilion HyperParallel Data Platform stood out for its remarkable storage and performance density, and its multi-protocol support including NVMe-oF. These attributes enable Pavilion storage to provide a single, unified repository for both high-speed ingest and parallel client consumption," said Ken Clipperton, Lead Analyst, Storage, Data Center Intelligence Group. "Based upon these criteria, it was an obvious Top 5 choice."

To learn more about the DCIG "Top 5 Storage for Life Sciences Solutions" report, along with a profile of the Pavilion HyperParallel Data Platform, download the industry brief here.

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