Pavilion Performance, Ultra-low Latency, and Affordability with NVMe-oF RoCE served as key requirements to accelerate application performance for a leading Investment firm


SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Pavilion Data Systems, the leader in the third wave of data storage, announced today that a New York based Hedge Fund with $20B+ in assets under management has selected the Pavilion Hyperparallel Flash Array (HFA) to power the SQL Server applications that support their investment business. The client is inventing the future of finance by revolutionizing how data is used to shape thinking. In line with that philosophy, the client selected the Pavilion HFA to power their next generation SQL Server based applications.

By moving to a disaggregated solution, the venture capital firm was also able to reduce the processing impact of their previous environment by up to 30%, freeing those compute resources to be reallocated for application processing. The Pavilion solution is able to deliver improved performance over their previous direct attached solution, while reducing management overhead by up to 50%.

In addition to eliminating significant overhead and improving performance, the Pavilion HFA enables the firm to independently and linearly scale either compute or storage capacity, which will support their growth while reducing the resources required to manage their changing infrastructure.

The Pavilion HFA has established a reputation in the industry for offering the highest performing array, with the lowest consistent and predictable latency, unmatched density, linear scalability, and an affordable price. The technology storage needs of the financial services market are well aligned with Pavilion’s product functionality and this use case represents a continuation of Pavilion’s success in this market.

“Our client was faced with a significant burden as it sought to address the cost and complexity of managing its growing data sets. The Pavilion solution enables the firm to continue its aggressive growth objectives, while meeting the performance needs of its users and applications,” said Chris McBride, Chief Revenue Officer for Pavilion Data Systems. “The Pavilion Hyperparallel Flash Array was able to cut the client’s management costs in half while still increasing performance over its previous DAS based solution.”

Pavilion has multiple deployments in the financial services vertical and is continuing to expand its innovative next gen data center footprint in this space.

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Pavilion Data Systems is the leader in the third wave of storage, delivering unmatched performance, density, and ultra-low latency at scale, without the cost and complexity of traditional storage. Pavilion enables global customers to shatter expectations today, tomorrow, and beyond by deploying storage solutions that scale linearly utilizing NVMe and NVMe-oF technology. Visit or follow the company twitter at