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Faster than the Speed of Light

Designed from the ground up for NVMe and NVMe-oF, the Pavilion HyperParallel™ Data Platform delivers unmatched storage performance, density, scalability, and flexibility without the cost and complexity.  Pavilion lets you start small and scale up or scale out at your own pace.

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Performance Density

Get over 2.2PB of capacity with up to 120GB/s of read performance, 20M IOPs, and as little as 25µs latency from each 4U system for unrivaled performance and density.

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Independent, Linear Scalability

Start small and grow at your pace. Begin with as few as 2 controllers and 14TB of capacity and scale capacity or compute, independently and linearly, up to 20 controllers and over 2.2PB of capacity in each system.

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Absolute Flexibility

Enjoy the performance you need for all your workloads. The Pavilion HyperParallel Flash Array supports block, file, and/or object storage workloads across any combination of controllers to simultaneously give all your applications the performance they need.

Universally Unmatched Storage for Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond

Enjoy the performance of NVMe DAS along with all the benefits of shared storage. Designed from the ground up to support NVMe and NVMe-oF, the Pavilion HyperParallel Data Platform shatters expectations for what you can do with your applications.

Pavilion HyperParallel Flash Array™

Pavilion HyperOS™

Reliable Performance

Based on a switch fabric, the Pavilion HyperParallel Flash Array delivers rack scale performance and density, using standard components and a NSPOF design for absolute reliability and availability.

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Modern Applications Deserve a Modern OS

With no legacy infrastructure to support, Pavilion HyperOS was built to unlock the performance of NVMe and flash. Using an API first approach, Pavilion HyperOS easily integrates with any ecosystem.

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“Pavilion Data’s unique hyperparallel architecture can simultaneously support native block, file and object protocols with eye-popping performance density.
Able to corral up to 20 CPUs and 72 storage devices in a 4U form factor, the system efficiently delivers extremely high performance and low latency, predictably at scale, providing a highly efficient end-to-end NVMe-based platform suitable for high performance cloud native as well as traditional workloads that significantly outperforms the competition, with in many cases a 50% to 75% smaller footprint.”

Eric Burgener

Research vice president of Storage, IDC

Discover what’s possible. It’s easy to get started

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1. Define Objectives

Tell us what you want to achieve and we will set up a call with a Systems Engineer to determine requirements.

2. Test the System

Remote and on-prem POCs to demonstrate unmatched results for Block, File, and Object at any scale.

3. Deploy Pavilion

Shatter expectations by delivering unmatched performance and density with ultra low latency.