Performance and Density @ the Lowest Latency

Built like a network switch, Pavilion separates and aggregates network and CPU resources for unprecedented composability.


Blazing Performance

90GB/sec read and write throughput, 20M IOPS, 40μsec latency


Modular 4RU Design

Up to 20 active-active controllers with 40 @ 100Gbps Ethernet or InfiniBand ports, 72 standard 2.5” NVMe SSDs


High Availability

Redundant and hot-swappable components assure no single point of failure


100% Standards Compliant

x86 processors, no FPGAs or custom ASICs. NVMe-oF/TCP & NVMe-oF/ RDMA, NFS, iSCSI, Ethernet and InfiniBand

Our Hardware

Standard x86 components, including off the shelf processors and SSDs. No custom ASICs or FPGAs. Rapid innovation leveraging the latest technologies leads to unparalleled density and performance.

Standard NVMe SSDs

Up to 72 2.5” NVMe SSDs configurable in RAID 6 volumes. OpenChoice Storage™ Storage™ Storage™ with support for Intel® Optane™ TLC and SCM NAND.

Active-Active Line Cards

Up to 10 Line Cards. Each has 4 @ 100Gbps network ports, 2 x86 Active-Active Storage Processors with 4,096 NVMe queues/controller. That’s 81,920 NVMe queues per array.

Dual Management Controllers

Sophisticated GUI, CLI, and APIs for integration with V-Center, Kubernetes CSI, RedFish™ and SwordFish™.

Redundant Fabric Modules

Dual, hot-swappable 1.6 Terabit fabrics form the core of storage array designed like a network switch.

Modular Power & Cooling

Redundant, hot-swappable power and cooling modules. Power up and keep cool as you scale.

Over 16 Million IOPS, less than 1-microsecond network latency, 0 packet drops. Cisco Nexus 9000 DC switch with in-house ‘cloud scale’ ASIC and Pavilion NVMe-oF/RoCEv2 storage. With Pavilion now supporting 15+ TB SSDs, and Intel® Optane™, this array is a game-changer.

Kamal Bakshi

DC Technology Evangelist, Cisco Systems

Vertical Meet Parallel

With maximum performance density and an OpenChoice of NVMe SSDs and NVMe-oF topologies, Pavilion has a proven solution for your organization.


When Time is Money

Web Scale

Disaggregation = Less Aggravation


Accelerate Digital Transformation


Create, Collaborate, Monetize

Research Facilities

Breakthrough Discoveries

Large Enterprise

End Sprawl - Once and For All

Oil & Gas

Hi-fidelity Seismic Processing

All Industries

See what 4RU can do for you

Better Decisions Faster

The ability to ingest, analyze and make decisions quickly on vast amounts of data is the lifeblood of today’s organizations. Whether driven by regulatory requirements, gaining competitive advantages or increasing operational efficiency, you need speed and accuracy to be a game-changer. At Pavilion, we empower our customers to make better decisions, faster.