Changing the Way Storage is Procured

Reuse existing standard 2.5” NVMe SSDs or procure the latest SSDs directly from the manufacturer.

Dramatically reduce CapEx costs and future-proof your investment. OpenChoice Storage™ includes support, maintenance, and software upgrades independently from storage capacity, freeing you from the hidden cost of storage expansion.

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50% Lower Cost of Acquisition vs. AFAs

Don’t pay today’s prices for next year’s capacity. OpenChoice Storage™ lets you expand performance and capacity independently, with your preferred drives, just-in-time. And YES, we support the entire system, even if we don’t sell the storage media.

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Buy YOUR own storage media, from YOUR supplier, and use it when YOU want. Eliminate Lock-in Refresh Cycles. Arbitrage freely on declining SSD prices. Increase capacity. Upgrade on your own timeline. The top NVMe SSDs are already supported, and we are always qualifying new drives.



Flat Pricing, Not Tied to Capacity

Why pay a 400% markup on standard SSDs? Why pay for maintenance, support, and software-based upon capacity? One flat price guaranteed not to change for the lifetime of the array, regardless of capacity.



Subscription Price

A fixed price per line card and an annual subscription guaranteed not to change for the life of the array, regardless of capacity. This includes HW Warranty + Support + Maintenance + all SW features and future SW upgrades.


Lower cost of acquisition vs. AFAs

Better storage utilization vs. DAS

Infinitely simpler to procure & deploy

OpenChoice Storage™ along with procurement through Dell gives us ease of deployment and technical flexibility as we leverage Pavilion’s incredible performance, density, and low latencies to accelerate our massively parallel analytics workloads.

Christopher Jordan

Data Management and Collections Group Lead, Texas Advanced Computing Center


Better Decisions Faster.

The ability to ingest, analyze and make decisions quickly on vast amounts of data is the lifeblood of today’s organizations. Whether driven by regulatory requirements, gaining competitive advantages or increasing operational efficiency, you need speed and accuracy to be a game-changer. At Pavilion, we empower our customers to make better decisions, faster.