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You Deserve a Modern Storage OS

NVMe performance. Linear scaling. No proprietary server-side software.



Direct NVMe semantics for low-latency and high IOPS across a range of topologies including TCP, RoCE™, InfiniBand™, and legacy iSCSI and NFS.

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Pavilion organizes NVMe SSDs into 4 zones of 18 drives each. We implement Dual-Parity RAID within a zone, resulting in a 16+2 RAID group with <12% overhead.


Multiple Storage Zones

Use Intel® Optane™ for the highest performance workloads. Deploy your favorite TLC drives top to match your requirements.


Support Telemetry

Proactive telemetrics and a cloud-based support portal. Plug-and-play controllers and drives can be powered down, hot-removed, or inserted at any time.

Delivering the Best of SAN, Designed for NVMe

Zero-space snapshots, thin provisioning, RAID-6, VMware® vCenter, and Open Source framework integration simplify and optimize your deployment.

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Zero-Space Snapshots

Instantly create consistent, space-efficient, copy-on-write snapshots. Present snapshots to any host on the network.


Thin Provisioning

Large logical NVMe volumes are presented to clients, yet space is allocated on-demand to maximize utilization. Volumes range from <1TB to 100 TB and can be re-assigned or shared between hosts as needed.


SWARM Recovery

In the event of a drive failure, multiple controllers SWARM the replacement drive in parallel to ensure a fast recovery. A 12+ TB SSD can be recovered in less than an hour.

PavilionOS has the perfect feature set. The bells and whistles of traditional AFAs bog down NVMe performance.

Ian Schets

Product Manager, Infrastructure – Statistics Netherlands (CBS)

Vertical Meet Parallel

With maximum performance density and an OpenChoice of NVMe SSDs and NVMe-oF topologies, Pavilion has a proven solution for your organization.


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Better Decisions Faster

The ability to ingest, analyze and make decisions quickly on vast amounts of data is the lifeblood of today’s organizations. Whether driven by regulatory requirements, gaining competitive advantages or increasing operational efficiency, you need speed and accuracy to be a game-changer. At Pavilion, we empower our customers to make better decisions, faster.