Modern HPC environments rely on parallel file systems to achieve maximum performance and efficiency by leveraging the power of multiple systems simultaneously. The Pavilion Hyperparallel Flash brings this same concept to storage, by harnessing the power of multiple, independent storage controllers and a switch-based architecture to deliver massive throughput and ultra-low latency in a compact, 4RU system.

Welcome to the Third Wave of storage, where arrays are designed from the ground up to take advantage of NVMe and the parallelism of flash. Support multiple block, file, and object workloads on the same system with no loss of performance, or share massive data sets across multiple arrays, each capable of delivering over 120GB/s performance, 20M IOPs, over 1.1PB of capacity, and with latencies as low as 25µs to the host. Download the Pavilion Hyperparallel Flash Array Data Sheet to learn more about the Third Wave of storage and what a true purpose-built NVMe storage array solution can do for your HPC environment.

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