Latency and concurrency are the bane of SQL Server storage. Running SQL Server on VMware could exacerbate the problem.

Attend this webinar featuring David Klee (CEO & Founder of Heraflux) and learn how to achieve:

  • The fastest transaction commit through lowest latency to disk
  • Highest storage concurrency for more simultaneous database users
  • With tuning examples to optimize SQL Server on VMware (including vSphere 7)

Attendees of this webinar will also receive a 50% discount code for SQL Server in VMware Accelerator – The Ultimate Step-by-Step Full-Stack Guide training program. Learn more here.

BONUS - Attendees will also get an opportunity to receive free access to “Ask the Expert” quarterly webinars to further expand their SQL Server knowledge.

Join us September 29 at 10 AM Pacific to learn more.