Running SQL Server on VMware is an ideal architecture. But the underlying storage and full-stack configuration can often be bottlenecks.

Watch this webinar featuring David Klee (CEO and Founder of Heraflux Technologies) and Oleg Ulyanov (Sr. Cloud Architect of VMware) on-demand and learn how to achieve:

  • 400% boost in Orders Per Minute VS Local Drives
  • 4-6x reduction in latency for transaction commit
  • Significant reductions in SQL Server license fees

Attendees of this webinar will also receive a 50% discount code for SQL Server in VMware Accelerator – The Ultimate Step-by-Step Full-Stack Guide training program. Learn more here.

BONUS - Attendees will also get an opportunity to receive free access to “Ask the Expert” quarterly webinars to further expand their SQL Server knowledge.