Disaggregated Storage with No Compromises for Aerospike Environments

Fraud prevention, recommendation engines, payment processing, and IoT are just a few applications where Aerospike is driving a new paradigm in IT infrastructure design. With a hybrid architecture that enables in-memory and Flash tiering, Aerospike can handle hundreds of terabytes of data and trillions of transactions per month with an exceptionally low Total Cost of Ownership.

Today’s Storage Architectures lack the flexibility to accommodate ever-changing requirements. Ideally compute, network, and storage resources should scale independently and deliver optimal NVMe storage utilization without compromising performance.

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New Store Challenges

While it offers the flexibility of deploying distributed resources in a scale-out fashion, it’s expensive when it comes to storage and storage management. Typically, storage is deployed as direct-attached SSDs in individual servers but this leads to significant problems that admins must deal with.

  • Storage is not shared effectively since it is stranded in a single server and results in underutilization of NVMe; in some cases as low as 25%.
  • Storage provisioning decisions are made at procurement time, meaning that determining the size of the storage in each server is done before the requirements of the application are known. This leads to inflexibility and higher costs over time.
  • When scaling for either performance or capacity reasons, more server nodes need to be deployed to accommodate more direct-attached SSDs, effectively expanding the infrastructure unnecessarily.

And whilst some applications offer data protection mechanisms, it relies on making copies of data on other database server nodes, leading to more capacity being required and bloating the cost of infrastructure even more.

Pavilion Hyperparallel Flash Arrray™

The Pavilion Hyperparallel Flash Array (HFA) delivers never before seen NVMe performance and density that allows customers to provision logical flash storage resources over a low latency network. As a result, you can now deploy shared storage in place of direct-attached SSDs in cloud-scale Aerospike environments.

The Pavilion HFA requires no custom software to be installed on application servers and includes important data management and availability features, including thin provisioning, instant zero-space snapshots and clones, and no single point of failure.

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