Accelerate Media and Entertainment Projects

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Save Space, Time and Money with No-Compromises

Media and entertainment (M&E) organizations need to produce videos for a variety of different formats and delivery mediums. Developing and delivering content that reaches audiences whenever and wherever they are has increased in importance. Workflows grow in complexity daily and time-to-market windows continue to shrink. When the Pavilion Hyperparallel Flash Array (HFA) is combined with IBM Spectrum Scale, users can tier their infrastructure to meet the needs of their project.

M&E projects need high performance and low latency. Traditionally, this was achieved by using storage arrays and disks (HDDs or SSDs) from multiple vendors. The result was multiple storage silos with up to 75% excess capacity for the various media assets, increasing production cost. The Pavilion HFA harnesses the power of NVMe storage, to consolidate storage silos, reducing copy and rendering time. When combined with Spectrum Scale the result is that multiple editors work at full productivity, reducing costs and completion time, enabling employees to move on to their next project.

The last thing an M&E production house wants is to lose content, so the Pavilion HFA is fault-tolerant with built-in high availability and encryption. It also includes instantaneous zero-footprint snapshots to make instant copies of a project. Move this copy along the production workflow without impacting network traffic generated by post-production workers.

Meet evolving enterprise storage needs with Pavilion’s all-inclusive, cloud-like subscription storage model. The user chooses the NVMe drives they need based on the performance, capacity, and endurance, avoiding vendor lock-in. Improve purchasing power by repurposing existing drives, or sourcing drives from a preferred manufacturer, or Pavilion instead of paying up to four times the $/GB to a vendor.

The Pavilion HFA with Spectrum Scale

The Pavilion HFA delivers 90 GB/s throughput, 40μs of latency, and 1.1 PB of storage. Its hyperparallel architecture unlocks the power of NVMe to enhance the performance of latency-sensitive video workflows that replaces racks of storage with a compact 4U form factor.

IBM named it Spectrum Scale for a reason. The Pavilion HFA lets Spectrum Scale... well, scale. Until now, the only way to unlock the low latency and parallelism of NVMe with IBM Spectrum Scale was to use an all-flash array, which is typically limited to a pair of active-active controllers, or to use software-defined storage, which adds processing overhead and management challenges to every server. The combination of Pavilion and Spectrum Scale streamlines demanding video production workflows and improves productivity by creating a shared repository that supports flexible, high-performance streaming, even with high-bit-rate media content.

The Pavilion array requires no proprietary software to be installed on a server farm and uses standard Ethernet, InfiniBand, and NVMe-oF drivers, freeing up host resources for processing, and eliminating deployment complexity.

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