When we asked customers what was preventing them from moving to a rack-scale design and composable/disaggregated infrastructure, they cited two key obstacles:

1. Their applications insatiable need for performance density and the fact that there isn’t an efficient enterprise storage system that can meet the IO requirements of an entire rack of servers.

2. The inability to scale, manage media resources and get access to the latest drive technology on their own timeframe and terms.

The enterprise storage industry revolves around selling you more capacity. From maintenance and support pricing to how storage reps are compensated, the more capacity you use the more you pay. Not to mention locked-in refresh cycles, trapped capacity and paying a 400% mark-up just to buy media through the storage vendor.

This paper discusses a paradigm shift in the storage procurement model that empowers IT with a Bring Your Own Media (BYOM) model that allows you to procure media directly from drive vendors and use it when and where you want, free from capacity-based pricing. Download the white paper to learn more.

OpenChoice Storage White Paper Cover