IT organizations have been dealing with data’s relentless and unabated expansion for many years. Storing, managing, protecting, analyzing, and rapidly reacting to data growth is an ever-evolving adaptive process, and it’s only getting more challenging. Modern applications were designed to process swelling amounts of data in real-time, but legacy all-flash arrays, software-defined storage, and server-side storage architectures present performance, operational management and utilization challenges that out-size the problems they solve.

It’s time to rethink storage and look beyond the archaic capacity density model that discounts performance for the sake of cramming more storage into a chassis. For modern, parallel applications, a balance must be struck between performance and capacity density. We call this balance Storage Performance Density. This paper examines the impact of Storage Performance Density on modern application performance, data center operations and the cascade of problems that result when performance and capacity density are out of balance.

Download this white paper to learn more about Storage Performance Density, and how it could be impacting the performance of your modern applications.