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Vertical Meet Parallel

With maximum performance density and an OpenChoice of NVMe SSDs and NVMe-oF topologies, Pavilion has a proven solution for your organization.


When Time is Money

Web Scale

Disaggregation = Less Aggravation


Accelerate Digital Transformation


Create, Collaborate, Monetize

Research Facilities

Breakthrough Discoveries

Large Enterprise

End Sprawl - Once and For All

Oil & Gas

Hi-fidelity Seismic Processing

All Industries

See what 4RU can do for you

Calling All Innovators

Redefine business processes, deliver actionable insights, invent the future. When good enough isn’t good enough, look to Pavilion for exponential transformation.

Big and Fast Data

Big & Fast Data

The industry’s best performance density. Linear scaling, multi-petabyte shared NVMe namespaces, no-host software or dedicated NSD servers. Ask what 4U can do for you.

modern cloud

Modern Enterprise Cloud

Run hundreds of thousands of VMs and Persistent Containers. 40 µsec latency with 20M IOPS. Your choice of SSDs. Pavilion is VMware™ Ready.

Modern Apps

Modern Applications

Perform millions of transactions in microseconds. Leverage high-capacity SSDs with zero application impact when a drive fails. Bring Hyperparallel to your scale-out architectures.

We're Ready For Your Apps

From web-scale cloud-native workloads to legacy enterprise applications, Pavilion seamlessly handles your exponentially growing data scale requirements today…and into tomorrow.

Reduce overprovisioning, accommodate growth, consolidate applications, speed time to results, and reduce TCO by disaggregating VM storage.

Disaggregate IoT, Telematics, Video Analytics, Social Media, Data Science, using the latest high-capacity NVMe SSDs.  Instant snapshots and clones make new instances and backups a snap.

The performance of Direct-Attached Storage.  Easily scale-out with an OpenChoice of NVMe SSDs.  Use thin provisioning to improve storage utilization across clusters.

Reduce server footprint, improve storage utilization. Deploys like DAS, but offers the manageability of SAN. Rethink Greenplum deployments with Pavilion and NVMe-oF.

Decrease search time, improve storage utilization. Scale Splunk Enterprise analytics without compromise

Deploy low-latency NVMe-oF storage as a service to your MySQL clustered database

Don’t be held back by legacy storage. Move to Pavilion for the latest CSI implementations and make production K8s a reality today.

Leverage Intel® Optane™ or standard NVMe SSDs to augment in-memory processing. Search 20x faster than DAS while reducing TCO 2-3x.

Better Decisions Faster

The ability to ingest, analyze and make decisions quickly on vast amounts of data is the lifeblood of today’s organizations. Whether driven by regulatory requirements, gaining competitive advantages or increasing operational efficiency, you need speed and accuracy to be a game-changer. At Pavilion, we empower our customers to make better decisions, faster.