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No More Bottlenecks

Move the bottleneck to database performance away from storage and boost SQL Server performance 400% over a traditional SAN with the Pavilion HyperParallel Flash Array™ (HFA). The only NVMe-oF storage for SQL Server that is certified on both Windows and VMware, eliminating deployment risk. It also cuts astronomical licensing costs, saves time, and is customer proven.

Eliminate Risk

Certified NVMe/TCP and NVMe/RDMA drivers for SQL Server on both Windows Server and VMware 7, makes your deployment risk-free.

Cut Cost

Speed SQL Server operations enabling quicker time to results. SQL Server needs fewer hosts, slashing sky-high licensing costs.
Savings from using Pavilion HFA for SQL Server

Save Time

DBAs benefit from SQL Server operation running faster. Boost SQL Server by unleashing the full power of an NVMe SSD.

Customer Proven

Worldwide organizations from Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Financial services, as well as Federal Governments, have all chosen Pavilion. See what a Wall Street hedge fund experienced.

Become a hero by making the impossible possible. Our partners and industry experts share their experiences with Pavilion’s proven solution for boosting SQL Server operation performance.

Use Case

Credit Reporting Firm

A leading credit reporting firm relies on SQL Server. They analyze more than 1 petabyte of billing records daily to recoup thousands of dollars. Their current solution limited their growth potential.

This customer moved from a legacy fibre channel SAN to Pavilion’s NVMe-oF with its WHQL-certified NVMe/RDMA support. They cut SQL Server operations time and footprint in half and got headroom for growth. This gave them significant value by using the Pavilion HFA for SQL Server.

Eliminate Bottlenecks

Direct-attached storage (DAS) and all-flash arrays (AFA) restricts SQL Server’s performance, impacting time to results, even when NVMe SSDs are used. The Pavilion HFA reduces latency to speed up jobs, increases throughput to improve job concurrency, and its higher IOPS enables more jobs. Only the NVMe-oF design of Pavilion’s HFA eliminates SQL Server’s restrictions.

Boost Performance

SQL Server performs better with the ultra-high performance of NVMe SSDs. The Pavilion HFA is designed from the ground up for NVMe and NVMe-oF and Pavilion is the only storage vendor that has certified NVMe/TCP and NVMe/RDMA drivers for Windows and VMware. Eliminate risk with Pavilion HFA’s NVMe-oF architecture while boosting SQL Server storage performance.

“Pavilion NVMe-oF storage with WHQL certified drivers underneath my critical SQL Servers is the first SAN to completely move the primary bottleneck to database performance away and above the storage device. Now, my bottleneck to performance is where it should be – database design and application code!”


David Klee
CEO and Founder


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