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DAS Performance in Virtual Environments

Virtualize high performance applications with the Pavilion HyperParallel Flash Array™ (HFA). The only NVMe-oF storage for that is certified on both Windows and VMware. This allows you move to the Pavilion HFA with your bare metal applications and then virtualize them using the same storage platform, getting the same high performance, while eliminating risk. It also cuts server cost, saves time, and is customer proven.

Eliminate Risk

Certified NVMe/TCP and NVMe/RDMA drivers for VMware 7, makes your deployment risk-free.

Cut Cost

NVMe-oF gives applications the same performance on VMware as on bare metal. Move to VMware and halve server costs.

Save Time

Benefit from NVMe-oF. Operations run faster, boost application performance by unleashing the full power of an NVMe SSD.

Customer Proven

Worldwide organizations from Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Financial services, as well as Federal Governments, have all chosen Pavilion. See what the Statistics Netherlands experienced.

Become a hero by making the impossible possible. Our partners and industry experts share their experiences with Pavilion’s proven NVMe-oF solution for boosting high performance applications.

Bare metal performance for virtual environments

Customers are using the unmatched high performance of the Pavilion HyperParallel Flash array to do more on their infrastructure. For example, Holley had systems with internal storage, as the customer said “…I was looking for something that wouldn’t be a step backwards in performance, and Pavilion’s NVMe over Fabrics technology was really the only thing in the market that could meet the performance demand.”

Now, his company runs their performance sensitive bare metal applications as virtualized workloads using Pavilion. This means they saved on server hardware and licensing by moving from a bare metal to a VMware environment.


Read how Holley is doing more with Pavilion than they thought possible.


Run Every Application on Pavilion

Customers are taking advantage Pavilion’s unrivaled performance, density, scalability, and flexibility to run every application in their data center. Uniquely capable of running block, file, and object data simultaneously and with consistent high performance, only Pavilion can support all workloads. From high performance databases, engineering applications, AI/ML, and visualization to file shares, only the Pavilion HyperParallel Data Platform can deliver your applications with the performance they need. It has the performance of DAS and the manageability of a SAN.

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