No Compromise Data Storage

Storing petabytes of data is easy. But real-time access for critical business decisions and digital interactions is not. Pavilion is here to help. With the Hyperparallel Flash Array, Pavilion delivers what was previously impossible. The no-compromise enterprise storage solution.

Maximum performance density & reasonable cost. Web-scale cloud-native applications & legacy enterprise applications. Linear application scaling, without the need to restructure your private cloud or rewrite applications. And you can bring your own media.

No-compromise storage? No question. That’s Pavilion.

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OpenChoice Storage

Pavilion’s OpenChoice model is changing the way storage is procured.

Redeploy existing NVMe SSDs into the array, acquire the latest drives directly from OEMs. With four separate storage zones, mix drive types for performance, endurance, capacity, and cost. No fork-lift upgrades; no delays for drive qualification or integration; and no markups on drives sold by Pavilion.

Open Choice Benefits: BYOM, Subscription, No Lock-in, Ready

Sage Advice

Trusted by leading brands across the globe, Pavilion is nimble like a startup, yet a veteran in many of the world’s largest NVMe-oF deployments.

Backed by tier 1 investors like Kleiner Perkins and led by executives from Pure Storage, AMD, and Veritas, we bring deep technical expertise and seasoned business acumen to a long-term vision of success for our customers.

Performance Density

How many rack units does it take for your AFA to achieve 90 GB/second throughput, or 20M IOPS at 40 microseconds of latency?

If possible, today’s best number is 80 RU. For Pavilion, its 4 RU. Packing over 1PB of 2.5” NVMe SSDs into that chassis, layer on manageability features like RAID-6, snapshots, and thin provisioning, this patented system is redefining rack-scale storage.

Award-Winning Team & Tech

Honored by our industry, Pavilion won Best of Show – 
Most Innovative Startup at Flash Memory Summit 2019.

With 15 patents and counting, we are an IDC NVMe over TCP Innovator, a CRN Hottest Storage Startups to Watch, a Gartner Cool Vendor in Storage, the first NVMe-oF Solution for Spectrum Scale on IBM’s Global Solutions Directory, and a Dell Extended Technologies Partner for direct and channel resale. The company is an active member of NVMexpress, SNIA, STAC Research, and TACC’s STAR Program.

During 2019, Pavilion closed a third funding round of $25M to solidify our position as the leader in NVMe-oF.

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Hype or Hyperparallel

Beware of legacy arrays promising end-to-end NVMe support. Extreme low-latency, linear scaling, and a choice of NVMe SSDs allows our platform to deliver the performance of Direct-Attached Storage. Add enterprise SAN manageability and Pavilion stands alone as the ultimate array for NVMe-oF.


We interface to a variety of NVMe-oF Physical Fabric Ports eliminating unnecessary protocol translations while enabling NVMe semantics for low-latency and high IOPS across a range of topologies including iSCSI, TCP, RoCE™, and InfiniBand™.


Modular, Flexible, Serviceable

Scale storage capacity, bandwidth, IOPS and network connectivity independently based on your application needs. All components are independently serviceable and upgradable in the field with no single point of failure.

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SAN-like Management

RAID-6, SWARM Recovery, snapshots and thin provisioning with 1+PB in 4RU. Scale to 20 controllers and 40 Ethernet or InfiniBand ports running at 100Gb/sec. 90GB/sec throughput, 20 million 4K IOPS/sec at 40-microsecond latencies.

Legacy and Modern Workloads

With linear scaling and an order of magnitude higher performance density than any other storage system, unify legacy enterprise and modern workloads at a reasonable cost without the need to restructure your private or hybrid cloud.