Performance for a Data Centric World

We live in a data centric world, where data is mission critical and the volume and velocity of data required to meet objectives is massive. In this world, organizations leveraging data sets to extract actionable intelligence and insights in real time create market separation.

Customers are achieving business outcomes that were previously thought not possible. Across all workloads, from AI/ML, Analytics, HPC, and the Edge, Pavilion accelerates applications while dramatically reducing cost and complexity. Customers taking advantage of industry leading performance and unlimited scale are achieving game changing results that are delivering a material impact to their organizations.

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Unmatched Performance, Density, Scalability and Flexibility

Accelerate applications while reducing cost and complexity

Customers accelerate their largest workloads with the highest performance, lowest latency storage platform in the industry, with the ability to scale across an unlimited number of arrays. With high performance for block, file, and object workloads, customers take advantage of broad ecosystem integration for greatly simplified management and dramatic cost savings. The Pavilion HyperParallel Flash Array™ shatters customers expectations with over 2PB of capacity in a single 4RU system, enabling them to get unprecedented insights from their data while substantially reducing footprint and costs.

Consistent Performance and Availability

Have Both

Customers achieve both consistent high performance and full availability at all times. Leveraging the power of Pavilion’s unique architecture, with multiple controllers per array delivering massive performance, customers are no longer constrained by the limitations of legacy dual controller arrays.

Data Protection

Customer data is always protected by Pavilion patented data protection features.

Advanced data protection features only found on the Pavilion HyperParallel Data Storage Platform™ ensure that your data is always protected and available. Pavilion SWARM RAID Recovery leverages the power of multiple controllers to rebuild a failed drive at the rate of less than 5 minutes per TB, so rebuilds are fast and painless.

Pavilion patent pending data integrity and validation features protect your valuable content from drive write errors, so you can sleep at night knowing your data is safe.

Reduce Innovation Risk

Enterprise Grade Service and Support

The most demanding customers in the world look to Pavilion to resolve storage constraints to their innovation agenda. These customers expect and receive enterprise grade services and support that ensures their success and so can you.

Built to ensure maximum availability, the Pavilion HyperParallel Flash Array is protected by enterprise grade support that includes 24x7x365 availability, and uses a follow the sun support model. Designed for easy serviceability and enterprise grade reliability, Pavilion HyperParallel Flash Arrays are trusted by the largest and most complex computing environments in the world.